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I ask myself.

I ask myself “how many individuals are actually experiencing paranormal activity?”. 

I believe that many do not come forward with information or conformation because either of the fear of being ridiculed or they accept what they are experiencing and are relaxed and private to live with it. 

Let me just say that the first of my reasons gives me the chance to say we are not in this line of work to judge anyone, we only wish to research and record with the greatest respect and privacy. Once you have spoken to us you will know we are very serious about our work and also about the events you may be enduring. We can certainly help towards any fear from your experiences. 

For the second reason, I know it is a very personal experience for many and usually it is a family member or close friend that is visiting you, and I believe that there is more to the reason of these visits. There are many written and hidden stories of personal experiences and for us to research this wonderful phenomenon we can only rely on generous people allowing us to investigate your dwelling. This is dependent on a vast amount of trust between our self and the client and this can be arranged by meeting us to talk, building an honest account of our respect for the client and our research. It is so difficult to make people understand that we are not working in this field for fun, It is much a part of our lives and to be able to research paranormal activity is not just a hobby but much more to with finding certain answers. This can only be done with a public support so please consider us. Sorry for keeping on about these similar posts but how else can we show you our genuine interest to advance our research. 

Thank you. 

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