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Hi, my name is Alan and it is a pleasure to say I am a sceptic/believer within the world of spirit activity. Don’t be confused with the word sceptic, it means to investigate every possibility of an event.


I am now into my 67th year of life and have retired from the every day work routine. All through my life I have been interested in the strange fascinating episodes of paranormal activity that have been recorded or self experienced around the world.

I have never been keen on the label of “ghost hunting”, it always seem to reflect the sad and poor practice of entertaining the public with hype and lack of experience towards finding the truth. After 20+ years of conducting investigations it led me to understand that the research of this phenomenon was more important and progressed forward for the last 10 years, hence putting aside the toys and the tours. 

This meant that the approach to an investigation was not to assume what could be the disturbance but actually record the event as it unfolded. This means not using medium-ship at the begining of an investigation and disbanding the toys of the trade but solely using CCTV with audio. This was a positive move forward for capturing any event that can occur during the investigation, without a doubt for clients or other teams.


Research can be a long drawn out process and can be quite uneventful on many occasions, it is nothing like what you see on the entertainment shows, but this is what I have chosen and past evidence shows it needs answers and hopefully sooner than later as my years are being counted.


15 years ago it was much easier to approach a client and request an investigation within their dwelling. Today, sadly, the entertainment side has made it very difficult because it has become a money train. Many individuals believe you are making profit from your research and want to charge you serious money. Alas for many like myself this is not the case, it is a serious hobby from which I make no profit and it is financed by myself. I can only rely, when the client is under the commercial heading, that all results can be made public to help with advertising their business.

I have no problems with what is known as the private sector, they accept the free offer of investigation and have no intention of charging me for my service. This also comes with the promise of total discretion if requested and no information about the client will be released.


Over the years I have seen and heard many things that have been totally unexplainable, to this day it is still not fully understood and definitely not fully explainable. So many questions remain unanswered, so many theory’s. This what attracts me to the research side, to attempt to discover what is really out there. We are here to help, identify and record but we cannot do this without the public support. I ask that you understand the meaning of non-profit research and accept us into your dwellings without charge.


I have always believed, a small team is a successful one, ours has the count of three, with the element of trust, respect and professionalism.

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