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Over many years of investigating paranormal activity we have realised that because there are so many answers within mediums, there is and will be a doubt in many people’s minds to the information they are being given. This is not to say that all mediums are false but the question of reality still remains.

This has guided us to working with hands on evidence, the future now directs me to research the factual hard evidence produced from recording of sound, film and photo’s. This is by no means putting down the medium, it is the way we confirm each investigation and the client may wish to continue after our data has been collected to find a medium who may be able to add to our results.

We all have a gift of sensitivity and can feel certain changes around us, some of us are known to have a greater gift of sight and hearing and can collect thoughts from any situation but for many who are on the receiving end of spirit activity it is not enough for them to be told what might be causing it, they need factual evidence so they can relate to it. Now we understand that many will say that this is very rare and most of the hard fact evidence at this time has been photo-shopped or just out right faked, so where do we start and what do we do?

The first foot forward is for us to start a new website, ( as we have done), all data collected will be solely of hands on evidence which our research can show and not what is thought to be within an investigation, in other words it will be identified by our film, photo or sound only.

Many have failed when trying this method, I am determined to succeed and going by past experiences I believe we will.

Over many years a great deal of our work in the past as , has been an eye-opener to many and has shown us there is more to understand and learn, this means identifying the situation with evidence that is far more understanding to many individuals. The purpose of will be for identifying any paranormal activity, for any client, from a scientific source for our research.

Because we are working as a research team there will be no charge for our services which we hope will encourage more clients to come forward and allow us to conduct our professional and private approach.

Many people, as we have learnt, are reluctant to ask for help for the reasons of being labelled as; silly, mad, crazy, wild imagination or the fear of others knowing their dwelling could be active, e.c.t. Let us make this very clear, we do not judge any client, we know you have contacted us because there is an unexplainable reason for you to do so, our service is to find the answer for what you are experiencing, regardless to what it is. We fully understand your situation and respect your privacy, also we understand it is never a waste of time if the results show other reasons for the disturbance. It is for your peace of mind and helps towards our research. Never let anyone tell you it is not worth investigating.

Our work cannot continue without the involvement of the public, so please consider trusting our partnership and allowing us to come into your life and help you. We guarantee a privacy policy when requested.

Thank you. Alan and Nick.

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