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For some reason


For some reason it is very quiet regarding the recording of events, because some ghost hunting teams I believe it has made people wary of inviting groups into their abode. Can’t say I blame them with the way a great deal of teams conduct them self.

So many teams are copying the rubbish on how to do an investigation by using methods of TV shows, they do not understand it is such a farce and insult to many of the clients on the receiving end. All that is necessary is to confirm when there is signs of spirit activity and that means by capturing it on recording equipment, not using mediums or toys to tell you something might be causing a disturbance.

We see time after time the poor events of the results of groups that attempt to film their events and from what is shown by many is so hyped up and staged it is obviously done to boost their ego and their ratings. Why they don’t just advertise they are a fun group and enjoy a good fright night, it would identify and save the embarrassment of explaining the faked evidence many have produced.

Lets be honest here, everyone loves the excitement of searching for ghosts and the stories that are told but to mislead the clients who rely on your help does not help them at all. Just make sure you choose your investigations carefully so as not to upset the client.

Working in the research field has shown that you do not need a medium at the early stages of an investigation. You are there to identify if activity is there by means of recordings. Once identified and accessed takes you to further various methods of investigation of which has many avenues to progress.

Our Research has no part of fun groups or tours, it is solely to investigate by capturing any event by recordings.


There are never any experts when it comes to paranormal activity, you can only go by what you have learnt over the years. Spiritwatch UK will not assume what might be within your dwelling, it can only show you what it records at the time.

No guesses, no hearsay, direct and positive film capture.  


We are not mediums, we only identify if there is activity if it is collected on any of our recordings.

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