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The Postman

I had another heart attack in 2004, I was rushed to Southhampton District Hospital where within 48 hours I was having bypass surgery.

I found I was in a darkened room, there was a doorway at the far end. There was a light that was so bright was coming through, I tried to walk towards it when figures came floating in. A female stopped me by rubbing her fingers over my face. A man stood behind her looking serious, he was wearing a black and green horizontal jumper and black trousers, also a large rimmed hat which covered part of his shoulder-length hair. He made me nervous. A female voice then said to me, ” don’t worry, you are not ready to come to us yet “. They both drifted slowly away into the bright light. I went towards the light but could not go through, it was so bright, brighter than I have ever seen but it was not blinding,

From this light came several, what seemed like large fluffy balls, they jumped up and down and were laughing in a squeaky sort of way. I called out in an enquiring way, “David?”, “Buster?”, ( David was my grandson who died when he was three months and Buster was my dog ). With that two of the images came to the front but did not speak. They all disappeared and I went back into the darkness.

Later my wife visited and noticed square burn marks on each side of my back, she asked the doctor about them. He told her I was a very very lucky man to be alive. They told us that they had to electric shock me four times before they revived me, he said I should not be with us now. I had a few setbacks, a collapsed lung and fluid on my lung but I was not worried as I knew I would recover, my guardian Angel had told me it was not my time. Thoughts………… I often wondered if it was my mother who came to me, I never knew her because she died when I was 22 months old.

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