I walked into a large room surrounded by books, wow a chained library. Just shows the age of this well-known music college. The building is so varied with its different levels and passageways, each step screams the creak of the wooden floors. I sat at a solid wooden table facing a large oak door, the air was thick with anticipation of what was to come. Beyond the closed door came the sound of footsteps within the passage, they stopped directly outside. The old brass handle slowly moved downward but then returned to its original position. I moved towards the door and swiftly open it venturing out into the passage, nothing would have pleased me more to discover something but the passage was silent in the darkness. I walked a short distance, hearing the creaks from the timber floors beneath me and the passage opened out into a large hall, outlined with wooden chairs lining it’s surrounding walls. Etched into the structured beams above were names of pupils who had attended this school many years before. It was at this moment I heard a faint whisper followed by the movement of what sounded like someone being seated on one of these chairs. I looked around in the poor light and noticed one chair at the far end of the hall was out of place to the others. As I moved towards it another sound of another chair moving behind me broke the silence. As I spun around I could see the chair had been moved from its position and had reversed its position to the others. Again I walked to this particular chair and placed it in unison to the others before sitting on it. After a short time I could hear faint whispers of a male voice but could not make out the words being spoken, footsteps at the far end of the hall could be heard pacing around the circle of the chairs. I felt no reason to ask who or what this was as it knew of my presence. As I stood up to leave this area I distinctively heard a long sigh as I moved towards another corridor.

There were many unusual events that followed that night, voices, doors opening and closing, footsteps but no sign of the elusive apparition. So many creaks and bumps were obviously down to the wooden structure shrinking and stretching during the night. As for items moving on their own accord! I cannot say what caused it but I know what I saw. This was many years ago and it was before I advanced to CCTV and audio. It would be an amazing place to research today with better equipment and gained experience over many years of research. I must say that this was when individuals welcomed a private experienced research team into their dwelling, so much has changed now. It has become so difficult to gain the trust and respect of the proprietors and show them it is purely for research and not publicity or gain. It just shows you how entertainment has impeded the genuine teams by making a spectacle of the research into paranormal activity.

I can only hope that the situation changes to find some of the answers we seek and not progress to the farce of moneymaking profit.

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