Not knowing what was I was to expect as I walked through the entrance of this well kept building. The first thing that hit me was the smell of lavender and the build up of a tingle in my spine as I moved forward into one of it’s corridors. I was instructed that this house had very sad memories and to expect the unusual.

I walked into what I presume was some kind of study, a few books, a desk, swivel office chair and couch, the dark green carpet slightly worn from the door to the desk, as if it was the only area walked upon. Again I noticed a sweet lavender smell as I moved towards the desk and the area turning very cold. My senses warned me I was not alone and the fact that the door had just shut behind me confirmed this. I looked around and after the initial shock redeemed myself and checked the door, satisfied there was no reason why this door should close. I moved to the desk area and sat in the chair, it was quite a static energy that came across me, like cobwebs touching my face and arms. It was then I felt a light breath blowing on my neck, and the sound of a woman sighing, as I turned the chair to face this it was as if the chair was forced in the opposite direction and stopped at that position. I stood up, turned, then watch the chair swivel back to it’s original position. My senses were at maximum and my whole body was tingling from head to toe, what I saw and felt was for my eyes only and something wanted my attention and “yes”, they have got it. Within seconds of this event happening the room became brighter, warmer and the feeling change to what I can describe as very calm.

As I move back in the corridor I hear a noise, sounds metallic and I know there is no-one in this dwelling but me. I am now in the kitchen and can see the usual implement’s you would expect to see in this area, apart from one saucepan in the middle of the kitchen floor. As I move towards the far side of the area I spun around to the sound of scraping metal only to see the saucepan move across the kitchen floor, it was then raised and placed on the table. Again I could hear a woman’s voice but it was not clear what was said. As you may have realised I am used to such goings on and have no fear from these events. When these events occur there always seem to be a charge of energy around me and this was very strong at this time. I could hear footsteps all around me as if this woman was moving and working around the kitchen. My senses were showing a definite presence within this area but I felt this was not the time to try and make contact, I felt that this was just to let me know she was there and there was more to come.


I had now ventured upstairs and was drawn to the main bedroom, there were six bedrooms but this one was as if it beckoned me to it. A large Victorian wardrobe stood in one of the corners to the room, a Queen Ann size bed was the main feature and several other items placed within the room matched the décor, also a large dressing table and stool with its ornate mirror stood by the side of the bed.

The room felt very oppressive and again I felt this room had seen much activity. My attention was drawn towards the wardrobe from what seemed to be movement, the door opened and then shut again. I turned again, this time towards the dresser only to see the stool being pulled out, as if it was about to be sat on. It was then I noticed an indent on the stool, someone had just sat on it. The room was absolutely alive with static, it was very calm but so charged. I called out,”may I ask who is with me please”. Apart from a slight movement of the stool there was no response. Again I called out, “you know who I am, please talk with me”. “I am Nadine”, came a whisper from area of the dresser. The area had gone icy cold and it had come as quite a shock to me me to get an answer but I composed myself and asked again, “Nadine, I am at a loss, why are you here?”.

“I live here”, she replied.

“Do you know you have passed”, I asked.

“Oh yes, it was an illness, but I am happy here and can choose to stay where I like”. “I go to many places but this is my home”, she replied.

“Can you tell me a little more about yourself Nadine” I asked.

After a long pause I had noticed a change in the temperature and sensitivity of the room, she had gone. I tried several times but without success.


I had now visited many of the rooms around the dwelling and always felt there was a presence in most of them, always female and possibly Nadine, without the further contact it is hard to say it is just the one spirit that resides here.


Will I ever get the chance to return………..I wonder?



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