What’s it all about?

Makes me wonder after thirty years that answers are still avoiding every researcher and investigator when it comes to dealing with what is known as paranormal activity.

Actual hands on identification by individuals seems to be very common but as we know many of us who see or hear these strange events have only their own experience and at times find it difficult to talk about it because it is only their word of truth that the event happened. To this day we find many who exagerate and falsify the evidence, which makes it harder for many individules to be believed.

The mystery of it all is we never seem to collect recorded evidence that is a positive identification of what is known as spirit activity, I mean there is plenty of recorded voices (EVP), but evidence to tell us who or what it is seems very distant, as for visual recordings, well, this is very scarce which makes no sense at all. For those of you that have experienced certain events, you can understand where I am coming from.

Why do I bother to continue my research I hear you say? There have been so many unanswered events in my travels and audio sounds that are very clearly recognised as male or female voices who will respond to answering certain questions, ( of which is a response to individuals talking together and their conversation is interrupted by an unknown voice not present at the time ). This has been quite common on many of our investigations but always seem to lack a full on response to communicate, by this I mean a conversation so as to identify the unknown voice. We all work to find the answer, hopefully we will succeed.

Many of us understand that with the technoligy around today can cause many carrier waves, is this the answer to the event? The problem is if that was the case then it is very unlikely that the voice heard on the recording could answer certain questions mentioned at the time.

To justify or confirm spirit activity exists is the easier part of my research but to identify what it really is can be very difficult, the downside mainly points to the entertainment value for many groups or teams. So much of their filming is staged or imagined so the public is led to believe it is actually how it is. Copycat teams actually work in the same way to gain their viewers and members.

I don’t think anyone on this earth plain has the answers to paranormal activity but there are many who have truly experienced it. With this in mind it is the trigger to research this strange phenominon on the basis of unexplained events.

Ghosts, Spirits, will always raise many eyebrows, they will always cause a frown, will there ever be some kind of genuine evidence that will settle many myths, only continuing the research may give us the answers we seek. Many of us will continue with our work, not for entertainment or profit but to investigate the reasons to why this phenomenon randomly selects many individuals. My opinion is that something does exist but what it actually really is, has yet to be answered.

The team will continue our free research and offer our professional service to all who wish to further their knowledge to understand the experiences they endure.

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