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As I have mentioned, I have been in this line of work for many years and have experienced events that have been strange and unexplainable.

Touch is one subject that springs to mind, either pushed, poked or a stroke to the face, even clothes pulled or tugged upon.

Voices are quite common, having my name called many times or another string of words being spoken and finding you are completely on you own.

 Stranger still is the movement of objects, for instance door handles being activated and the door opening and closing, also movement of other objects when you know there is no-one near you.

I can remember being in a chained library on a very private investigation and whilst six of us were sitting at a table facing the large wooden door we all saw the handle move down to open the door and then return to the original position.

I have experienced senses of someone or something being around or close to me and sensing cold or hot spots to complete the sensation.

Not once have I feared any situation because I feel there is no real reason to be afraid.

There are many individuals like myself but the difference with me is that I still can’t say what is really is? To this day I have not seen a full apparition and have failed to fully communicate with what is there at the time, although I have had answers given to my questions but only on tape when it was checked later.

I have become very doubtful with wondering what it is that we are dealing with. We all follow stories and individual stories from many who claim they are in touch with spirit, but my problem starts when it always stops when you need vital evidence for recognition to whom it might be. It is as if it is a fine tuned secret that only gives you a puzzle to solve. To this day I am a little confused with the lack of true evidence which would show spirit activity and move us forward to either a solid belief or is it a figment? With what I have experienced I can honestly say there is something there and it is not imagination, but to say what it is I cannot say. We are left with one thing that needs to be done; must more research. Just remember, don’t follow the way of the TV programs. Forget about the average orb because there are so many variance’s, it will send you mad, it is not what you are led to believe. Look into the sound and film more closely as it is far more common to discover EVP (electronic voice phenomenon). The real aim is to capture a moving and speaking spirit, if this at all possible?

I will continue to try to identify what is believed to be around us, not as a ghost hunter I might add but professionally through research techniques. I feel a medium is trapped within their own abilities, unless you believe what they say it is hard to confirm their findings. Many find answers for you, things that many do not possibly know but it is still open to many flaws. Again I say I am not against mediums, just explaining it is words of evidence and not hard evidence.

We are up against the impossible it seems but as long as the public support us and invite us to join them in their dwellings and share their experiences we are half way there.

Thank you.


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