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After many years of investigation and research I am baffled by the outcome of poor workmanship from many teams. They jump at using every electronic device as it is produced and have little care if it actually works. Maybe it is the pretty flashing lights or the programmed words they seem to produce. 

It is very sad how many of these groups swear by them but although deep down they know they are flawed. If they have not realized this yet then they should not be in the field of investigation in the first place. 

My frustration now turns to so called “orbs”, for Gods sake learn to identify natural particles before shouting you are in contact with spirit as the majority of your findings are not what you think.  

The highlight of the last few years has got to be “pareidolia”! For those of you that do not understand the word then please look it up. So many pictures of what the object looks like but no depth at all of what it really is. Most people can look at an object/cloud/reflection/mist/water/vapor etc., and see a different picture. So many individuals are after so much proof they are loosing sight of the reality of all that is understood about researching the paranormal. People are so wrapped up in finding some kind of evidence it has become a farce. Do they actually think that every time they conduct an experiment it will be a success? I don’t think so. 

In this day and age there are so many who are believing that every sign they think they get is a paranormal happening.  

Teams, groups, partnerships who are the experienced can and will identify to the fullest extent the difference between fact and fiction and will see through the many mistakes that the in-experienced groups make. Unfortunately, many of the in-experienced take offence to advice and totally ignore the advice given. 

No-one is a qualified expert in this field but when you have had thirty years of being hands on with paranormal activity then you can say you have learnt more and know more than others.   

So many groups show their lack of experience when claiming the evidence they believe to be factual, it has not been fully tested otherwise. 

Skeptic, yes, I am as skeptical as one can be, you cannot be any other way if you are looking for the answers. You must rip apart all your evidence by anyway possible, only then can you label it as the unusual and possibly paranormal. 

Mediumship is a whole new ball game, although it can give you, in many cases an outline of what you may be dealing with, it does not give you a productive evidence from which you can show the event. Anyone who feels different to this, I would like to work with you. 

Well, I believe this short post shows or gives some idea what future changes are needed for many, those of you who listen will definitely benefit and move forward to a positive understanding and factual results. I wish you all the patience and success. 

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