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Unfortunate set back.

Sorry for the lack of data on the website which is temporarily due to the loss of my Amazing Father, I will miss him greatly. I reach out for all of you that also have had losses of loved ones and truly understand the pain you are or have experienced. After many,many years I am still confused with the belief of the afterlife, as much as I want to follow the research I have collected I will still endeavor to search for the answers with the scientific aid of film and sound. There is something there but “What” is the big question. Only “you”, the public can help the search, don’t be afraid to come forward and share. So many un-answered events, so many positive reports from respectable individual’s, can it be mass hallucination; ” I really don’t think so! 

There are many possible suggestions but never any positive results from all sides of research, will we ever get to the bottom of it? After 30 years you would think I would give up but personal evidence drives me on. Deep down in our hearts I believe we all hope there is something which represents an afterlife, we need that understanding to help us move forward even if it is a snip of evidence to confirm some kind of acceptance.

It is said,” The soul lives on “, many have had the experience to confirm this but only as a sole individual identification, very personal and very private. Unless the individual wishes to share the experience we never learn, so please come forward and allow us to share your event with the people who need to relate their own experiences to yours, it really helps everyone involved. 

Bless you all.


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