The possibility.


Being a long time investigator who has understood the need to move into the research side of paranormal activity has opened my eyes into understanding there is no real answer to many of the experiences that occur.

We all have been pointed to many different groups that seem to find so called spirits every time they do an investigation, “Yea right!). All I can say is B/S, it is all hype and false advertising. Yes there is always going to be the odd event that cannot be explained but not to the extent that many of these advertising teams find. They brainwash others by explaining that all orbs are to do with spirit, also noises and shadows, again the EVP collected is so badly recorded that they put their own version of what it is meant to say.

It is sadly understood by teams like myself that realise the reasons of making these filmed events is to enlighten the viewer, this means they have to keep you interested otherwise you will not watch it. So many programs are staged for this purpose.

Many of the filming and researching that we have done can be slow and quite uneventful, non-the-less we still continue to try to find some answers to the reason of what is causing it and try to produce the results for you to see.

There is no-one that can show or give the true answers to this phenomenon, the only thing they can do is produce the evidence they collect at the time. What it actually is we cannot certain because no-one can produce the existence of the afterlife. This is why for hundreds of years we still are looking for some kind of evidence of it’s existence. Yes we have many documented and recorded evidence of various unusual occurrences but do we really understand what it really is; truthfully the answer is NO. We only understand what we have individually experienced or what we have been told.

So what is the answer and what can we do? Again I would say “I don’t really know!”. But this does not mean we should give up trying. Most of the research teams are filming and now use sound recorders and just rely on these two items because all others tools are and have been factually proved to be a farce and are unreliable.

We have also realised you cannot rely on any one medium, by this I mean although I have met many good mediums it all points to what we know as “hearsay” and at the beginning of any research investigation you cannot rely on the lack of visual or recorded evidence, the work of a medium would be used, if needed, after the set time of an investigation and not during.

Being a sceptic and a sensitive I am open to all ideas of suggestion but I still do not fully understand what it is all about, even after many years of working with spirit activity. I need to show what I have experienced and until I can fully do this I will continue to try.

I do believe there is something there, but what it actually represents I can’t say at this time. People say there is an answer to everything but this had eluded all for all time.

Frustrating? You bet ya, critics say why do you chase something that is not there? I say you show me it is not there! Yes, both at stalemate.

It seems to me that individual experiences, which are many, are acceptable to ones self but to be able to show actual contact is out of reach. Could it be we are not ready for such a massive change in our lives I wonder?????

Just to add, it is far easier to be a closed sceptic.

I believe it warrants further research to look into all possibilities.



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