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The Evidence.

Many photo’s or recordings have been taken over many years by the individual, they are not all ghost hunters or teams who are involved in paranormal activity. So many pictures or sounds are redeemed as mistaken identity have been scrutinised and shown to be natural occurrences. There is always the photo or recording that just can’t be explained and these are the ones that are difficult to identify its true origin. I have read so many posts about “are ghosts real?” , I don’t think anyone has answers to that, only their own true experiences are the only real back up they can produce. Yes there is certain evidence they can produce but alas the closed sceptic or pure science has the upper hand. Many of us have experienced a great deal with spirit activity, when it comes to produce a way to identify this many of us will fail because to produce such evidence is far from just claiming you are witness to seeing a paranormal episode. When and if the time ever occurs that a person can film spirit in conversation with themself then that would be the only time it would be a wake up call to many. We have the technology to protect our filming by using cctv, which is made so you cannot tamper with any recording, this I find myself is very positive and less likely to be accused of any fraud and by using this method of collecting unusual events has been very successful. But then it all comes down to what are we actually collecting? Yes we have recorded voices, of which were not known to us at the time of the event, yes we have recorded noises and shadows of which could not be explained at the time of the event. Most of all we can say it is something that was not visible or identifiable at the time but could not be positive on the actual fact of what it is or was. Yes we believe it was spirit activity and yes we made sure of our findings but again how do you explain to a scientific person what it actually is? It all comes back to is there a spirit or ghost within the earth plane. We all know that we will continue to try to explain what we find but unless we can collect pure identifiable evidence that can involve the scientific mind to understand the difficulties that researchers experience then we will never find the answers we are looking for. We need to learn and understand that it is not every light source, shadow, noise etc., that is connected to spirit activity, natural material has to be eliminated, the orb has been a man-made idea that it is solely connected to spirit, this is so wrong and has been shown by many that it is mainly the earths elements that reflect this. But then if you are in the line of research then you will be above the unskilled groups and know this, we always look for a reason and identify.

As investigators or researchers we all have different codes we follow, some have finally realised that things need to change, others still play at what they see is a game or a money-maker. All we can do is venture forward but understand how you collect your evidence in such a way as to make it acceptable to the scientific eye and ear. The art of entertainment from many groups is the downfall for many, ego and false identification can be the finish for many groups which actually can be found laughable at their evidence they have produced and many lack the understanding of the natural elements around them. If it is fun your group is after then don’t expect anyone to take you seriously.

The sceptics are, up to a point correct, unless your evidence is faultless then there are no such thing as ghost or spirit. But many of us are getting very close to know otherwise aren’t we! Most of us understand that many events that are experienced are individually seen or heard, for what reason I could not say. If the situation is, as many would find, not covered by a recording then it is only seen as hearsay, I am not saying I myself would disbelieve it but many would. So many stories from respectable people from around the world, this alone is the reason for finding an explanation. I will never tire from researching this fascinating phenomenon. I believe if the evidence was shown to be the factual truth of the existance of spirit activity it could change the world as we know it.

To identify or to deny the existance of spirit activity has never been truely recognised, this is why it has been labelled “Paranormal”, (cant be explained).

Will this ever change? “I wonder!”.

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