The doubt.

The moment of doubt arises after many years of investigation and research. So much evidence has shown me that, “ghost”, which I know as a recording of energy of which can be seen by many individuals but still has the difficulty to be filmed or photographed. It is not able to communicate. Yet there is still more evidence found to the heading of “ghost”.

As for “spirit”, of which is meant to be communicative, although there is much-unexplained evidence, such as EVP, again of which is very high on my list of true identification, it still fails to signify what it really is. As for identifying “spirit”, with film or photograph, there is a lack of evidence that clearly shows this. (Even when I have pictures that show this evidence, it is not classed as a true identity. Very unexplainable yes, but not good enough for recognition of who, why, or how.

As for communicating with spirit, I myself, over the years have witnessed many events, many have been eye openers but there has always been that nagging doubt of relying on the word of many mediums. There has been many an occasion of information that has connected the dots and been close to an identification, but again that nagging doubt and lack of true hands-on authenticity.

The only truth I can understand is that not one person can give the answers we seek. Yes, there have been many events of which we all have experienced in our research and can’t be answered fully. They can be so strange and clear to us at the time but lack that chance to fully identify the experience.

After gaining a mountain of experience from so many events in thirty years of investigation and research, I am now in the situation of being very sceptical of mediumship. My thought is that it has become an individual farce for the many who think they have a gift of communicating with the so-called spiritworld. Some of these individuals are very clever but as always they fail eventually because to be a liar you have to have a good memory and now filming has been introduced it highlights the obvious mistakes that can be made.

We all want the answers and I myself would like true clarity, unfortunately, in many cases, it all points to the imagination! But on saying that I also find I can contradict myself because of what I have witnessed over many years but I can honestly say if it is not “spirit”, then what the heck is it?

All we can do is research it further, I suspect, long after I am gone it will still be a true mystery.

The major problem today is the lack of support from the public. There are many who believe they have strange events within their place of residence or work but for some reason, even when it is obvious, they either accept it or move out. I can understand the uncertainty of trusting a team to investigate your experiences but believe me when I say we can help you towards finding the answers you seek. We have conducted many private investigations and succeeded with the conclusion.

Being a research team is not a team who believes it is a fun time. We are very serious in our work and rely on our professional attitude to gain the results needed.

We work very well as a small team of 3. By filming the event you will see what we see.

If you wish to come forward and accept our trust and professionalism please contact us…..spiritwatchuk@gmail.com

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