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The difference of research.


From what I can see when it comes to investigating reported spirit activity is the lack of scepticism, many groups are so convinced there has to be something there that they lose the purpose of why they are investigating the venue.

Many are so wrapped up in their own thoughts and excitement, they are convinced from the data they are given that everything points to activity.

Research seems to put a damper on many results but unless you’re a sceptic; and need to be in all cases, you are just kidding yourself. There are so many possible reasons to why individuals think they have spirit activity in their dwelling and unless these reasons are addressed you are fooling yourself.

Firstly you are looking for the most possible reason for the event and most of the time you will find it to be explainable, if not you work in-depth to give you an answer. When you are assured there is no possible answer then you now have something positive to work on.

There can be many unanswered questions within many researched investigations and the only positive outcome is what is collected on visual or audio recordings because as we all know, individual experiences that are not visually recorded cannot be fully verified. In research it has to be shown scientifically and not by hearsay.

This is why such things as “orbs”, (light sources), are so open to criticism because of the natural material around us, which can reflect light and give us a false direction.

Basically it is the purpose of the research or investigation team to be in the mind of looking for anything but spirit activity and setting their target on solving the reason for any unusual event, finding the alternative answers and possibilities.

By no means does this way of working doubt what the client is claiming to believe or is experiencing. It is common practice to find all reasons to any event occurring and investigate fully to eliminate natural causes of the said events witnessed.

When you look at how the researcher works, it is the reverse of how many groups conduct them self. So many are convinced they need to call out and converse as if they know a spirit is present when really they have only their own senses of which they rely on. This can vary so much to how the person is feeling at the time, i.e. Nervous, scared, uneasy, excited. Everyone reacts differently and because of this it becomes a personal and individual statement of which is not a valid assessment of fact. This is why it is not advised to use a medium or sensitive during the first part of any research investigation.

The research team is there to monitor the event without making judgement of their individual feelings and to rely on the scientific evidence of film and sound. Of course there will be times when individuals experience events which are not recorded and these should be logged for further investigation but do not let them sway you from the main objective, which is the audio and filmed evidence.

When you cannot find a reason for a recorded event then you have your work set for you and like many before us it is not an easy job to get the answers you seek.

Remember to understand, researchers only monitor the situation, they do not work as mediators for the said afterlife, they are researching all possible avenues to identify the reported experiences they have been given to investigate.

To identify and show spirit activity actually exists has been one of the hardest things to produce and for reasons unknown has been witnessed on many occasions by the individual persons experience. Will we ever capture a full recording of such an event remains to be seen, but believe me we will keep trying.

 We offer support for all teams and clients, we work in the background of any investigation that we are invited to, we do not interfere, we monitor and record.


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