Sound advice

Looking back on many investigations that we have conducted there have been many events recorded that just cant be pushed to the wayside. These unusual events are always put through serious scrutiny with the scepticism it deserves, how else can you expect to judge something out of the ordinary without trying to repeat or investigate it to the full. So many recordings have natural answers when investigated in depth, there is nearly always a reason to the event experienced. Notice I say “nearly”, because now and then there is just no answer to some evidence you can record, even after you have ripped it apart with every possible effort to repeat it. This is the only time you can head it as paranormal, (no explanation).
In no way do I connect so called orbs as a spirit presence, on many experiences and scrutiny there is too much evidence that points to natural elements for what is known as these orbs. Now light sources on the other hand, which are recognised in a different form or shape are worth deeper investigation but don’t be fooled by the natural weather conditions.

Sound is one of the most effective ways of investigation, by this I don’t mean voice boxes or any other man made so called ghost hunting devices, just use sensitive microphones. Used with CCTV this is better by far for clear results and cannot be interfered with. The recordings are clear and do not involve so called white noise, thus eliminating fraud or mistaken words that are recorded, but you still have to be sceptical with all your footage collected, as I have said before, there are many reasons to most events you experience. Having to view hours of recordings is the downside but it is beneficial to capture every moment of your investigation.
To purchase any other equipment in my opinion is a total waste of money, I class them as toys as they can give so many unstable and false readings, this I know because I have tested many. Yes, there will be new equipment appear as time passes but remember most of it will be for the profit of the maker and not for the advantage of yourself, check it well, as I always do.

If you truly want to cover the research side of paranormal activity and are not a fun group accepting every sighting as a ghost claim you will gain the experience from this post and learn that being a sceptic is part of researching this fascinating subject. Rely on what you record and not what you are told.

Recommended equipment.
CCTV with IR and audio.
Phantom Microphones.
Body cam IR.

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