So strange


So strange is the progress of learning about what we know as “spirit activity”. So many individual people take the word of others to be correct for many sightings or sounds.

It seems that all these teams who investigate this phenomenon have to find something, regardless to the fact that many results are just pure fantasy or imagination, basing their results from what they have seen or heard on poor entertainment shows.

Many groups declare they are looking into the research of spirit activity but the majority are so engrossed on finding results they lose their way and record every unusual event as activity, by passing the main objective of scepticism. The most likely poor advice is to do with what is known as the “orb”. No it is not a spirit trying to communicate as many would believe, it is mostly natural light reflections from natural particles around us. You have all been duped into thinking otherwise from the entertainment crowd.

Yes I am a sceptic, you have to be otherwise you would fail as a researcher or investigator. I have taken many pictures that have a positive sighting of a person, daylight and night-time shots and to this day cannot explain how they were in the shot. Also over the years I have had many recordings of EVP, this is not recorded by the toys that are used today, just basic recording but with phantom microphones. These pick up perfect sounds without the rubbish of what is known as white noise which is another myth from the entertainment groups.

It makes me smile when you see these groups actually trying to call out to what is known as spirit, knock three times lol, again shown by entertainment groups to keep you watching them.

A true researcher will not use these mythical tactics, they will record and film the event not for the entertainment but the facts. Yes it can be very boring just monitoring each event but that is the result they are looking for, not making entertainment to excite the myth believers.

People love the entertainment of man-made spooky programs and that’s cool but to con the public into thinking their methods and instruction are correct is so misleading. It’s all down to a good show and making money, who can blame them. For those of you who believe it………..well I say no more, I burst your bubble to wake you up to reality. Enjoy your programs but don’t expect results for research if you try to copy them as a group.

Spirit activity…….is it there or is it something else? Will we ever know for sure?

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