No-matter how you look at most paranormal investigators/researchers are looking for some kind of proof to show their public.

Many instances show different occurrences of sound and visual events, but also fail miserably in their research. It is so easy to fall into the category of accepting evidence collected and connecting to paranormal activity.

Most groups are too keen to accept what is recorded and fail to research their findings, lacking the experience of finding the reasons of the recordings they have collected. In many cases disturbances can be, ” what we know as de-bunked”, and when researched can show it has no connection and has a perfect reason to it’s origin.

There are so many fun groups who enjoy the thrill of what is known as “ghost hunting”, they drift from the reality of finding or more importantly trying to repeat the event they have experienced, so to show the factual reason of the event.

I can understand the many that just want to experience a connection with paranormal activity and get involved with tour groups, just don’t believe all you record.

Research is a very sceptical positive process, it is, and can be very frustrating at times, always looking for the obvious reasons for all abnormalities. This is where long term and hands on experience has it’s advantages, you find you work in reverse, finding all possibilities of a natural answer which leads you to the true identification of the event. Working with visual and sound recorders eliminates a great deal of false readings. We also do not use mediums on the first stage of any investigation, it is solely based on evidence collected by our sound and visual recordings, this is not to say we do not use mediums, we have experienced their support at a later stage when needed.

Being a research team we do not need any information on any dwelling or place of origin, we work solely on what evidence is recorded and if the result is positive we can then proceed to the next ongoing stage of our work. As you may understand suspected paranormal events are not able to be booked at source, this means it could take several visits for the completion of an investigation, of which we are only too please to conduct.

As you can read, it all points to the same conclusion, to identify the cause of the suspected event, but how you conduct the work to gain the results is a completely different ball game.

Investigator does not equal Researcher.

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