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It seems very quiet for any signs of suspected paranormal activity. Over many months it has become very distant, I wonder why? We all have our own opinions as to what it really is but why has it become less active around the world? Sounds strange but could it be something to do with the virus? So sad for the loss of so many, as for what is known as the afterlife could it be affected by the number of journeys being made by our loved ones?

It could also be that so much hype has been shown by various groups that people have seen through the rubbish the media show and have just given up on the subject. Many individuals contacted me with their experiences over the years but the past two years has been very quiet, it seems they are less likely to share their experiences and I can understand why from my comment above. It is a very private event for many and it is difficult them to understand it is not to bring their experiences to the public like many groups seem to do but in our case, it is to identify an event and give them the answers they seek, with I might add, the privacy they deserve. All our research is based on the client’s requests and this means that any recordings we observe are not leading back to who or where the investigation is collected.

Many individuals have no belief in this phenomenon and I can understand their opinion, their attitude is it does not exist and their request is always to prove it. My answer is can you prove it does not exist. Either way it is at stalemate and research is the only way to try to identify the events that are reported. Many of the events we have undertaken can be explained but there are also many that cannot. This is why we research them and try to identify what the cause is. For many groups it is a game and a way of making money, at the expense of the client, I might add, a total fun group that just wants the kicks of what is known as a ghost hunt. This can be innocent and fun until they claim they can help clients when they have no experience in understanding the client’s position and the effect it can have on them. The difference with our team at is 1. We are a very small team. 2. We only monitor the event with the use of film and sound. 3. A discussion is arranged for the conditions to be agreed upon and adhered to from the client. 4. Total privacy is guaranteed on request. 5. Full respect is given to the client and their abode.

We work to gain the respect of our clients and will continue our research, only you the public can help us to continue, trust us and support us please.

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