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Quiet or feared?

Going back a few years I can remember being very busy with clients who needed help or were in need of answers within the area of paranormal activity. I ask myself today, has it all disappeared or is it fear that holds the people back? Or more to the point, is it because of the careless and inexperienced groups around that have not got a clue of the client’s feelings. Sounds corny but, “who ya gonna call”.

There are many groups and teams out for the thrill. This does not help the genuine client in need of answers. Hopefully these teams will stay on their ghost hunting areas and keep away from the private secture.

I believe another possible reason for people not coming forward to ask for help is the worry of publicity. We all record our events and spiritwatchuk is a research team that cares for the client and gives a promise, (when requested), of no publicity, names and addresses are withheld. This means we can still show our results but without the recognition of any client’s details.

We hear so many stories from many respectable people about spirit activity, some agree to send us their experiences which we would pass on to the public, (unnamed if prefered). We always seem to miss the opportunity of filming an event because the person has now moved from the address of the activity or most common is the business will not let us research their properties. Trust has a big part in what we do and we have earned this from many clients. I also believe they think we make a profit, we are unpaid, pure research.

We have been on many investigations and many have not revealed the evidence needed to confirm activity. Many have been private so we cannot advertise about them due to the agreements requested but also aiming to keeping our viewers and members interested and supportive. It is so important to notify the public we are a genuine team who is not playing at this research and respects and agrees to all conditions that a client would want for an investigation to take place. There are many of you that know of friends and family that are experiencing unusual events, please ask them to consider using us to research them. We do not interfere with any activity, we film and monitor only. Remember we are at the mercy of you, the public. We need your support to gain your trust, even if you just meet us to see how we work and interact with our clients would be great.

Research is one of the hardest things to follow, it does not matter what the category is, what matters is public opinion. Unless you explain your true reason within this research then you fail to get support. Forgive me for going on but it is hard to let people know we are genuine and trustworthy and will only attempt to record your experiences without upsetting the situation. Thank you……Alan. Help us to help others please.

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