We all have our own opinions and beliefs about paranormal activity. It’s easy to just turn your back on it unless you have actually been involved in an event, which of course would certainly change your views and opinion. Many treat it as a fun time and thrive on the excitement but for others it has become a worry, also there are property owners who are of the understanding that their dwelling has paranormal activity and want to promote it.  For those of you that are in these categories we are working to identify this phenomenon and would welcome the invitation to research your events to give you a better understanding of the experiences  you are enduring.

Our service comes with no charge but this in no way means we are not respectful and professional. Our service involves recording and monitoring each event for an agreed period of time, then after scrutinising our filming, we would produce any evidence to the client. I might add that our team consists of up to four experienced operators at this time and we find this works very well so as not to overwhelm our clients. We do work in day time hours but mainly during the night, night time as you may understand produces better results with our filming.

You are welcome to contact us for any enquiries or advice and would be only too pleased for you to help us with our research.

Thank you for you time.

Alan Chappell.


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