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As I have often said, although I have been investigating what is known as ghost or spirit I can honestly say I have never seen a full visual apparition.

So why do I continue to research this unusual phenomenon?

I am intrigued with some of the evidence I have collected over the years and it still intrigues me to this day.

When filming on most occasions there is nearly always evidence of clear audible E.V.P. (Electric voice phenomenon), these words and sentences are clear and understandable and sometimes they are answering questions that were not intentionally directed at the time, just open discussions between my team. Who or what it is I could not tell you but it is definitely unembodied voices. These voices collected on tape have never continued a conversation, just odd phrases or short answers to words that were spoken by the team.

Other experiences have been very basic, doors opening and closing using the handle of the door to do so. Also endless footsteps and various noises which were investigated fully and no positive answer could be found, also children’s laughter and this was when it recorded the sound of them running down a wooden floor corridor of which was carpeted by the way.

It seems that it is more common to record E.V.P. by basic methods, (meaning not with voice boxes) and in my opinion totally rare to capture any apparition in full view.

Changing our work to research means we cannot use mediums within the first part of our investigation as this would be seen as hearsay and we must work on the scientific side of each and every event.

Does a ghost exist? I believe I can say yes to this one because our belief is that a ghost is a recording of an event of it’s own time, sometimes regularly and other times it is once a year. Sometimes known as (stone tape theory).

Does spirit exist? At this time this question is very open. It is said a spirit is and can communicate, it is said it can move objects and is around in our time. I am still in the opinion of belief that something is around us but until I have been successful to have recorded evidence to identify this I must stay open-minded in knowing what it really is.

We film, we wait, we do not talk to the thin air, we monitor and unless there is some reaction on our equipment we do not question it, that is the difference between research and ghost hunting and ghost hunters we are not.

To many it must sound very boring, if it is then you are a ghost hunters audience and not for research. Remember a lot of ghost hunting is for entertainment, although this is fun for many please do not confuse this, ( as many do ), with the professional researcher.

We are seriously here to identify what occurs within these unusual reports for our clients, openly or privately. Many of our clients are private and are not identified, but for those of you who wish for your experiences to be known we will show your experiences on our website.

We are always available to talk to you,

to arrange a meeting. The most important part of research is you, the future client. Without you considering to come forward there would be no research.

Thank you.


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