No interest? Or lack of support?

So disappointing, the lack of support from venues that have shown to be experiencing certain unusual activity pointing towards paranormal events.

It seems to get much harder to gain the vendors interest to find some of the answers to such goings on. I can understand the security aspect at many dwellings but we have always overcome these issues by allowing us to be fully vetted and have had excellent references. It just seems to be either the lack of interest or the lack of a financial payment.

SpiritWatchUK  has never charged for a research service and has never made profit on any investigation, we always work on the understanding that the vendor will be the profiteer by advertising the results found by us to promote their business or dwelling.

When we changed our group to solely the research side we were hoping for the support to be able to record events and show a true event of the experiences that many places are experiencing. This has become far more difficult than I ever imagined, I believed that many owners would be only too pleased to find some kind of evidence to support their claims and would donate their time and effort and work together for the same reasons.

As I have said the end result is the up-to-date report which can be a promotion for many businesses. I can only hope that people can understand the difference between fun groups and research groups and we are definitely the latter. I cannot stress enough how we take our work very seriously, also giving unlimited time to every client to find answers to many questions.

I hope to gain your understanding and trust to help us to move forward and research this amazing phenomenon, would you please consider our request in inviting us to share your events by using our service.

Thank you.



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