Making sense of Paranormal Activity?

We all have our own opinions of spirit activity and there are many who experience this fascinating phenomenon.

It is far easier to deny belief when it has never happened to yourself. So many genuine individuals have had the confidence to come forward and explain their experiences knowing that many will say they are suffering from a wild imagination. Strange many have this negative and bias attitude when they cannot really say it does not, or might exist. The main reason for the denial is it has never happened to them so it cannot be true.

For the individuals who have experienced an event, I will say, it is not for you to convince others. You have experienced an event which was meant for you so you have nothing to prove to anyone. It was a personal experience. Welcome it and if possible share it to those who understand. You would be suprised how many it could help.

It has become so common to arrange what is known as the “ghost hunt”, and many groups are following the same old ways of copying celebrity teams and their methods. It is laughable that many of these groups who follow this poor advice actually believe they actually find spirit with the use of the toys they use. These new groups are actually rushing out to buy these gadgets thinking that they work. Also you need to notice the label heading the display on each film is: “For entertainment only”. For those of you that want a bit of fun and a good scare these are the right groups for you, you are paying for the entertainment.

If you are looking for possible answers within this field of work then follow the research groups as many of them do not use toys and are genuine in trying to find the results needed to try to understand many of the events reported.

As many years have passed since being involved in all aspects of paranormal activity I can say I have been there, yes , I started with the chasing of ghosts and the similar methods of ghost hunting, spirit clearance, but as time passed I realised there was more to it and moved into the research side which left behind the imagination and hype and lead me towards truly identifying the positive side of my work. For the purpose of helping others we do not judge and on the first part of any investigation we only use film and sound recording. You need to identify the cause of the event before you can move forward and by basic recording we have found it very successful.

Much of our recordings can show everyday occurrences and give peace of mind to our clients, for the filming that does show any kind of unexplained events we move to our next stage, which means we have our own medium who would investigate further. As this is our research we never believe any event is a waste of time, it shows us what is possible and can give many answers for each client. Much has gone into the cost of the equipment and the time spent on many investigations but this has all come from our own pocket, we do not charge for our service and are happy to continue educating anyone who needs our support. Being a non-profit team does not mean we are not experienced, many years of work have given us an advantage to show our success and professionalism. If you need answers without obligation then please have the confidence to contact us, we can be very discrete if you do not wish to be public.

I thank all of you that support us, and thank you Yateley Community.

Alan and the team.

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