One of the hardest things to accept in our life is death.

We all suffer in different ways to grief.

Nobody can prepare you for a sudden or long term illness loss of one’s loved ones. Many can accept the actual loss but find it overbearing not to be able to see, comfort and communicate with the person they have lost, the acceptance of them being gone is very difficult, relying on memories to hold them together. Some can talk about it but many are so deep in grief they need help to get them by. The change in people who have lost loved ones is so in-depth. My father suffered for 8 years with the loss of my mother, his wife was everything to him and he could not accept she was completely gone from his life. He went through so much pain and could not accept help, he slowly gave up and after the 8 years of sadness he passed away with the thought of seeing her and being together again.

Some of us can adjust to death but many cannot, it is just too much grief for them to bare. I believe what I am trying to say is do not judge people with how long they grieve because it is different for each individual to adjust their life to their loss.

There is help out there for the many who can accept it and it does work for many but sadly there are others who cannot and all we can do is support them as best as we can.

My condolences to all who have been through this loss and may you find your way to heal in this life. To talk is to heal, hard as it may seem at the time. Bless you.

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