Lacking in motivation

Totally lacking the motivation to continue the research into this unusual phenomenon. It has become a farse for many groups playing and coining in with their so-called findings. Sadly copying tv entertainment groups with their use of unproved toys. It has been several years of decline in trying to understand what it is all about, guessing, and faking many of their results to gain followers. It has sent the interest of the so-called spirit activity to a new lower level of bullshit. Do I believe in this? Well, I really don’t have an answer because although over the years I have had some really strange and unanswered results I still struggle with the lack of positive evidence, so much recorded which points to something that is out there but still the full-on results of which we all look for. I believe that those of you that are looking for the real answers to your experiences have been let down by the so-called chasers who make it become a mockery. They are the ones who have pushed individuals who want genuine answers into a position of mistrust towards many genuine research groups. For many it is entertaining to watch these ghost chasing groups and how they attract their audience, always finding something to add to their scare tactics. I smile when I see some of the antics they get up to, making it up as they go along but that’s what it is all about for them, money for the entertainment. Could have joined them 30 years ago and cashed in but decided to follow the research, was it a mistake? Had all the set up needed at the time so maybe opportunity missed. It is quite sad it has all gone this way as we had so many investigations from so many customers at that time that needed our help. What will come of it all I really don’t know, will just sit on the sidelines and wait and see if a change is on its way, another year maybe and then there are decisions to be made towards continuing.

Could it be a spirit world given up on us, seeing the spectacle of what is happening? Do we deserve answers with the way we conduct ourselves? We have the technology to record certain conditions but still, we believe in mediumship which is open to much discussion. All is down to what the individual believes in, we are so vulnerable in all aspects, not knowing or maybe never knowing the full facts, relying on the words of others without the evidence.

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