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Many paranormal websites are for entertainment, I do understand that in a way it is entertainment but I draw a line to self ego, so this is my reason for being very decisive on what is posted on our website. As I have said before our work is research and our only entertainment is to show what we have learned and captured, (with privacy if requested). When our evidence is chosen to post it will be purely based on true events. We do not show footage of what it could be and we only work to identify what is possibly causing an event by seeing or hearing in recordings.

This is why we wait patiently to be contacted by clients who really want the truth, it can be a long wait at times but I know the call will come, so for our followers, be patient and I thank you for your support.

Long term investigation can give the best results, so for you clients I say be prepared. Our professionalism and respect will surprise you.

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