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It’s not easy.

Well, it is as I expected, very slow on the uptake of our offer of free support. So many stories of haunted dwellings and records of suspected spirit activity. Mmmmm, makes me feel very sceptical. Could it be that you rely on the old tales of the past and fear our expertise would show a change in your reports? I suppose it makes sense not to upset the pocket of many companies who make a living from their so called haunted buildings but it could also improve and update your records.
This is why it is so difficult to research paranormal activity, some people fear the truth, they thrive on the old tales but also can deceive their public into believing many stories when in fact it is possible to verify many as fact.
This is not to say that everyone falls into the same category, there are the few who really want to find some hard evidence and will allow a partnership like our self to professionally research and record and back up these stories, but alas, we are finding the majority at this time either want a vast amount of payment for our free service or just ignore any correspondence.
I believe many are suspicious, meaning they think we are connected to ghost hunting tour groups and at this point I will make it very clear that my associate and myself have no connection to such groups, we are solely involved with researching an event over a set period of time and producing our findings to the client.
Over time I feel that more clients will get to know and understand how we work and we will gain their trust, as more come forward it will show our credibility and help us with our research into the most fascinating subject known to man. Until this time we must remain confident and patient.
Thank you. 

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