Imprint of the past?


Over many years we are told of sightings, sounds and unusual phenomenon which is connected to what is believed as paranormal activity.

The facts produced it seems are very open to discussion because of the lack of general evidence. It points more to the individual wanting to believe there is some kind of afterlife rather than excepting the evidence collected is flawed.

Most of any evidence collected is based on what people have seen on television or read in books, lets face it, what else have they got to relate to? Most research and investigations are based on much of this hype. So many investigators believe in the entertainment programs that they lose the reality of what is around them. For instance take the “orb”, completely blown out of reason to suggest it is always the identification of spirit being present, when in fact it is natural causes.

Again I say too many wishful minds looking for man made ideas and suggestions.

There is so much that is miss-understood when attempting to investigate or research paranormal activity and the main objective is not to rely on how the interpretation of other groups events and how they conduct their selves influence you.

You can only record what you see and hear at the time, as for trying to encourage an activity is a myth.

As many years have passed I have much doubt in what we understand as the afterlife but don’t get me wrong, I still believe that in my experience over time there is something that is to this day unexplainable. This is not found with the toys that are now used or medium-ship, just basic film and audio equipment. Are we meant to know the answers within this universe to the many experiences that have been endured, well that is another unanswerable question. Is it just an imprint of the past?

Paranormal activity is a fascinating journey to study and research but don’t fall into the trap of fakism or entertainment, unless you are just there for the scare of course but then that’s what you paid for isn’t it!

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