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How can you tell or understand the unusual events within paranormal events? Many of us can relate to them with similar occurrences of our own experiences but understanding why we have witnessed them is and can be very confusing. We have so many “so called” experts out there that will tell us these events do not exist but as usual they cannot show their evidence, either side of truth or false opinions has it’s problem of being believed, although it is much harder to prove it does not exist. There are more factual events that cannot be explained coming forward each day which cannot just be explained away by the critics.

There are many people who fake events just for publicity, these are the people who make it so difficult for the researchers, their timeless activity becomes a problem to all, it stops reliable people coming forward who have had individual experiences within paranormal activity and would like to know or understand what it is all about, (as do we all), but alas, they keep quiet because of the thought of being branded or ridiculed.

The whole reason I became involved in researching this phenomenon was to collect evidence without judging any individual and recording the data, either confirming or finding the alternative answers.


It has become a farce, with many teams just out for thrills or profit and the many do not have a clue in what they are doing. They are labelled as a fun or tour groups and work from the knowledge of TV programs. They are there to make money for the venues who need them to excite people into thinking everywhere has spirit activity. I can accept in some cases that it is a business and it is solely rated as fun but I draw the line when these particular groups quote they are experienced and are also there to help others, including the research. What rubbish! This is why people will not come forward, they have seen or heard of these type of groups and this is what has branded all teams being the same. By advertising your group or venue as entertainment can solve a lot of mis-understanding for genuine clients looking for the professional team.

As for many vendors, well, they are solely in it for the profit, they are not interested in any research what-so-ever, this is why the insist on payment. Sadly it has come to vendors relying on poor quality information from poor quality teams who boost their pockets with profit from outrageous results they are meant to have experienced.


The real truth is no vendor will take the risk of a research team investigation because of the thought of the results showing nothing is there. On saying that I can say in my own experience there has never been a time this has happened, there has always been something that could not be explained.


People need to change, even the ones in denial, you must agree that unless the experienced researcher can be able to do his work how can anyone even have the right to agree or deny the existence of spirit activity?

With the lack of support from private clients and the vendors of larger properties it has become much harder to continue with the research.


Let me appeal to clients and make it clear how we work in our research: All what you see on television is entertainment, we do not go around screaming and coaxing, we do not arrive with large groups, ( just 3 people in our work), we do not use mediums. Our research consists of setting up cctv cameras and sound equipment and monitoring the whole event for the time agreed. Occasionally we will walk around the venue if the need arises.

To add to your security we can place cameras on all entry and exits which will time record during the whole time of the event.

Our trust and professionalism has been accepted at many venues and we will continue to support this indefinitely.


Just to add, we make no profit from our work, we do not charge, it has been a great interest to me for years, continuing into my retirement.

I believe we all want the answers, please support us to find them. Thank you.

Just to add to this post: There are many who believe they can tell you about spirit activity, even give you there answers on who or what it is causing the event but you have to rely on their individual judgement. It can be a process of many different results by many different individuals who come up with many different versions. It is open to fraudulent or mistaken results and is often the only answers you will have to the event experienced, leaving you with the decision of what you actually believe from each individuals verbal report. This in many cases reveals incorrect and unjust findings of unsatisfactory truths towards who or what is causing the event within your dwelling. This is not an attack on the mediumship, it is just showing that the individual who is on the receiving end has to rely on verbal evidence and we need to go beyond this point of finding the answers.

 It is one of the hardest tasks to try and capture spirit activity with film. Sound is far more successful. Our team is there for research and the positive attitude to attempt to capture an event in the future, if it is at all possible then we will eventually be successful. Make no mistake, we believe there is something beyond the scientific field and with our research and your support we will hopefully be able to show it rather than just talk about it. Some will say it is an impossible task, you may be right but we have to try. By teams, clients or vendors inviting us to join them for this purpose would be an advancement towards researching this ongoing phenomenon.

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