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Strange how some individuals snub anything to do with ghosts or spirit activity. I imagine it to be reasons of either fear or quite obviously the lack of not seeing or hearing it for their self. To this day it has not really been totally successful to capture evidence to point us in the right direction. There have been many recordings of disembodied voices, pictures and filming that show unusual and unexplainable evidence. There are too many reports from respectable people to just make the decision that it does not exist. What it actually is, well, that is what the research is all about. I believe the problem today is it has become a fun project and many cash in on the profit to made on the entertainment side, which of course has effected the research by being labeled as just another fun group. The researcher does not run around chasing phantoms, nor does he act in any way as a medium, nor does he run around with toys of the ghost hunting trade. The purpose of a researcher is to monitor the situation, film the event and produce his findings. Sounds quite boring doesn’t it? Well this can be so in many ways but as I said it is all down to capturing an event, not trying to cause the suspected experience but allowing the information you have been given to take its course. Entertainment is far from the a gender but the research is the main part of any investigation of which the researcher understands. As you may understand, many of these investigations that are televised are hosted for pure entertainment and are conducted in such a way to gain interest for their followers. They can be quite exciting for many but to the eye of the researcher they are very damaging to the professional researcher in the way of how they portray various ways of working. You are led to believe that there is spirit activity at every venue they visit, as if it is on tap and at their beckoned call, but that is show business I’m afraid.

We all would like to know the true answers to what is known as the after life. This is why many of us have moved on from the standard way of investigating by monitoring the situation over many hours of recording. Its’ easy to say there is no such thing as ghost or spirit activity unless you have had the slightest experience about it, so this is why we research the information given and try to find the answers to what many have experienced.

The problem faced by many is that they think they are going to be flooded with a crowd of investigators and disrupt their way of living, you could not be more wrong with the way Spiritwatchuk works. There are just three of us within the team of researchers, we request that we are able to set up various filming equipment around your venue and monitor the filming during each session, there is minimum walking around the premises. We are very discreet and agree to the terms set down by all clients. After a period of time arranged to check our filming footage we then agree a meeting with the client to discuss our results. If the client is in agreement and it is deemed necessary, ongoing visits can be arranged. Bearing in mind for the sake of research our service is free, we would expect the same agreement in return, as we are a non-profit team. Only you can help the research for this unanswered phenomenon, please come forward.

Thank you.


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