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Being a sensitive is something you either accept or push away as your life progresses, the choice is yours to make. It never goes away, it is with you for life. Recently I have chosen not to follow and pursue my strengths which have gained over the years and the main reason for this is I do not want the responsibility towards others. I feel it can be too in depth and can be a life changer for many individuals on the receiving end. Although it can bring good knowledge and information I do not want to be the messenger.
Saying that, I know there will be times when it will be thrown at me to make a result clear, I will cross that bridge when I come to it but for now I will use my sensitivity only for my research.

I will class this as “background” information as it cannot be highlighted as being seen or heard, in otherwords; visual and audio recorded. You can not use medium-ship to back up research, only by suggestion of what the medium has to offer can sometimes aid an investigation but it cannot show the visual and audio evidence.
This is in no way being anti-medium, it all comes down to how you portray your findings and the way any evidence is collected. (You cannot show “thought” or “sensitivity” as evidence.) It becomes background information by logging and comparing the result.
Because each medium is different in the way they work it is why there are so many variants to many stories of what spirit activity actually is identified within each and every dwelling which can incorrectly identify the true result.

Sounds like I am putting myself and mediums down but unless we work in a way to show direct evidence of what we are trying to research, then we will go around in circles.
Visual evidence is the hardest of all to record but I feel I must pursue this to the full, audio in the correct way is more commonly collected.

I have found it is not the closed sceptics we are up against but the venue owners that collect money from the public by advertising that their dwelling has paranormal activity. Most of the evidence they have collected is from various ghost hunting teams that have visited their dwelling for one night and reported their findings. The owner is quite happy to accept these findings as it is expanding his business and profit.
Now I do understand that there are many dwellings that are national trust and charity and fully understand the support they need to aid their venue’s, I am not against the thrill of a ghost hunter or teams who just enjoying playing along. What frustrates me is the way some owners refuse access to a professional research team unless they pay a ridiculous charge, even when they will be given a full account of the findings for them to advertise how they wish. We both gain… we get our research and they get the written facts, without cost and the difference is we can extend our free time to complete it.
At the end of the day I have found it is not what you know but WHO you know that makes success. I just hope the “WHO” comes forward for myself and my associate.

Who said that retirement is easy? Over the years I have found it harder to offer our free professional service, is it the reasons I have quoted or is it that people have lost interest in trying to find the answers. Or could it be that some do not understand the difference between ghost hunting and research? There is a massive and serious difference and we are the latter. I will be only too pleased to be able to show our work but at this time there is a lack of willing clients.

Alan. Spiritwatch.UK
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