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Genuine Opportunity.

Many of us rely on visual proof when it concerns all matters of life but when it involves paranormal events we find it becomes far more difficult to collect such evidence. Over the years I have experienced many strange things to do with spirit activity, even I could not explain a great deal of them, voices, objects moving, strange noises, shadows. All of these experiences have been scrutinised to the full and no practical answer could explain the reason to how or why they were seen or heard. Imagination? Not a chance, hallucination, no way, mistaken identity, not at all as my scepticism investigated all possible avenues.


Many of us have experienced such strange and unexplainable events but it always seems to be an individual episode or the event is a poor recording making it harder to identify.

Most of us have this sensitivity around us to notify us that something is different or not quite right, we cant explain it but it warns us anyway.


So many reports of paranormal activity indicates that research is the most obvious answer, unfortunately their are many individuals who would disagree, the ones that come to mind are the ones who make hundreds of pounds out of it. Can you imagine being an owner of a dwelling that claims to be haunted and charge high amounts of money to visit it. You would not want a research team to investigate and find it is not true what they are saying now would you? This is why many of these so called dwellings allow in-experienced teams to add their findings to excite the stories that surround their dwellings.

A true research team is not a team who go ghost hunting, it is not for fun, they record each event and do not make assumptions of what they believe is possibly within the dwelling. They also can negotiate their visit as private with no advertising from the event and it is for the clients eyes only. It is not a proof” thing, it is to identify what has been seen or heard.

The problem to date is that there is so much hype over suspected paranormal activity that it is seen as a big moneymaker for both parties, the investigator and the client. They have missed the reason for the wanting to know what the disturbance really is.

It is so difficult to persuade a client to forfeit their charge to a genuine research team, who in exchange can give them the truthful answers to what is recorded freely. On occasions it has been agreed to continue ongoing investigations which really can get into a full event of unusual episodes.

Spiritwatchuk just want to have the chance to research this amazing phenomenon without being labelled as a ghost hunting or tour group.

We would like to continue our professional work by monitoring and filming the event, two operators with no inconvenience to the client. Our equipment is ready, will you be the one to want answers.

Yes we believe there is something out there……….but what?


All I would like to add to this is, as a retired person with many years working in this field, is the disappointment and lack of support towards the professional researchers who volunteer their time freely to help and record the unusual events which have been experienced by the many.

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