Zac Bagans.

Ghost Adventures”

Purely entertainment. com is another word for it. Solely to titillate the public, I mean what else could you call it, for many they actually believe it?

With regards to the effort of a profitable business, who else has the sense to buy a place in Vegas and then declare it is totally haunted?

What a money maker, as for the claim to investigations and research of the paranormal activity that went out the window years ago, money and profit took over.

Can’t really say I blame them as it has made them very comfortable knowing that you can profit on bullshit.

Once teams become famous they lose all reason for genuine research and turn to the added extras to make the entertainment profitable. No ghosts means no audience, so hype the voice and dish out the bull.

As you have seen it is a fast track to profit for some, so many teams started with good intentions but were soon found to be pure entertainment as it is now shown at the start of a program.

Most Haunted went the same route, started up with a genuine purpose to attempt to find the answers, but then realised that adding extras it gained the public interest and so the money rolled in. Funny enough it is what most people want, the fright and scare of the show.

Business is business I suppose and the entertainment side of this is very profitable, the sad side it has left behind the hope of discovering what it is all about, something is out there but entertainment gets in the way.

It remains to be seen if it will ever change, we all have our own opinions and we can but wonder if it will ever come to light in some way for the future to identify the real truth or myth about paranormal activity.

I wonder how many people actually want to know more or is it just the entertainment they want??? Would be nice to know!

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