I spend so much time looking for the serious side of investigating paranormal activity. Alas all I can find is bullshit. Everything is based on orbs or unsatisfactory results which you could laugh about rather than gain interest in. The same stories or pictures are on most of the websites, fake set ups which are so obvious to many researchers and investigators.

Most of our websites try to invite and encourage people to subscribe to a blog to genuinely request their input, the experiences of their own event. I have found very few do not wish to do this, even though it helps with research and other individuals that could gain by reading similar events.


I suppose my work after many years has become so frustrating because of the advancement through experience of moving away from the thrills and excitement of what then was known as the chase. It changed the whole reason of how I investigated, it showed me not to expect that activity was always the answer to unusual events. This meant reversing the way I worked, this meant identifying by means of hard fact. I could not rely on mediums or a sensitive even though I am the latter. This is not because of the doubt of the readings given by them but it is classed as not being factual and based on hearsay. As a researcher and now understanding that scientific technology has to have a greater input towards factual results I rely on film and audio evidence which can overcome the doubt of individual psychic’s.

Research is to remove all doubt within an investigation to the cause of reason for the reported episode and identifies towards the factual result.

Over the period of thirty years I have progressed from the ghost hunter to professional research within this paranormal phenomenon. I am always sceptical but never closed to the possible answers. I find this way of working far more advanced towards identifying individual reports of spirit activity, not relying on hearsay but physical recorded evidence. For me it is the factual identification of the said disturbance and not surmising what it could possibly be, that could be investigated at a later stage.


The attraction of ghost or spirit has become and has always been a fun subject, it is also a money-maker for many. It has lost, in many ways the interest to finding what it actually is. Many want to experience it without knowing what it could actually be, because of this it has been made difficult for the genuine research teams.

Maybe the suggestion is needed to ask all groups to consider inviting research teams like ourself to join them so we can observe and record your results, monitoring in the background only.

I enjoy this work and wish to continue for many more years, with the help of many others, the more clients that come forward the greater the chance of moving towards the genuine answers.   

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