Change of thought.

As an investigator and researcher over many years I have witnessed so many unusual events involving the paranormal. Everytime there has been so much scientific evidence but the lack of actual explainable reason to all what has been recorded. It has taken me over thirty years to find that paranormal activity has been leading us into false beliefs, yet still leaving us in two minds of its existance. My experiences have led me to discover that there is no afterlife and no matter what people say that claim they are connected to those who have passed from this earth plain have been acting on their own gain and imagination. This may upset the many who think they might be in touch with what is known as spirit activity but my experiences speak volumes to this decision that has been set before me over the years.

Now comes the confusing part, although I have made this statement I am still in belief that there are certain types of unusual activity which remain unanswered. In my research years i have on many occasion recorded data which cannot be ignored and with scientific equipment has shown evidence of unexplainable events which still need to be researched. Even though my decision of no afterlife remains there is still the question of the many unanswered recordings, there are so many possibilities to EVP. Reasons put forward could be crossed frequencies being picked up on the equipment but when these voices are recorded involving a response to a question being mentioned this cancels that thought. So again it is left to an open verdict, what is it, what causes it and who is it? 

Many will say “why do you look for something that does not exist”, well my answer is by scientific methods,i.e. (recordings), shows me a reason to find an answer to an ongoing and continued argument which has been around for decades. There is a strong possibility in my time of never finding the true answers and only continuing to show the evidence is within that area but as for saying what it is we may never know. 

For the time i have left on this earth plain i will continue to research this weird and wonderful phenomenon but I will not be influenced by mediumship or gossip just the factual timed events of the recordings. I still remain open-minded to change by reason of any evidence that is set before me, only time and circumstances will hopefully show me they way.

The small team of three are here for you, we do not judge anyones beliefs, our research will only show you through filming of your dwelling the results at that time. It is not a ghost hunt and would be for monitoring the area by scientific research with the aid of film and sound. No other devices are used. Because you allow us access there will be no charge for this service.

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