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Building a team.

Building a team.

What can we do to make a good investigation team work?


First of all you need to ignore the majority of TV groups and how they work.

Organise what you want to do within your team, do you want fun and frolic or do you want a team that really want to try and capture some kind of evidence?

If it is the first part then go have your fun but don’t expect to be successful with your evidence, you might make a bit of money for a while but it wont last.

The second leads to research and this is far more productive and becomes very sceptical towards all that you do, it’s not about chasing spirit, it’s not about medium-ship, it’s not about these gadgets you can use. It is about how you capture your event, film and sound, cctv is the best way as it cannot be interfered with as most DVR’s are protected from fraud. Make sure you have sound inputs as well. I have been using three types of DVR’s over many years and all have proved successful, also fitted with phantom mics.

Keep your team small, around four or five, this works very well and as you progress you will find the connection between you become quite connected. Always discuss between the team any differences or disagreements and resolve them asap.

Once you have set up your equipment there is no need to continue a walk about, let the cameras do this for you. If and when the need arises you can visit various areas of what might cause interest. Yes it can be very slow on many investigations and no you do not need to bait at any time, this is known as TV hype. You are there to record any event that might be around, yes you can encourage and build up the atmosphere with various questions but to use any other equipment means you are fooling yourself and others, don’t be fooled by these poor and expensive toys. Straight forward film and sound will produce factual evidence. When you use digital cameras always eliminate natural particles which we know as orbs, so many individuals fall into the trap that they are all to do with spirit activity, always take several pics of the area concerned and then be very sceptical of the results. You can always test this with your own methods with dust, water and bugs e.t.c., and you will find you will be eliminating many of them. Never rely on the result of the odd shot.

E.V.P. is very common on many investigations but again don’t be fooled by various ghost boxes and pretty flashing lights, they are all made to collect your money, not evidence. Stick to your basic recordings from your DVR, it is far easier to investigate without the doubt of poor equipment. Again I can say your results will be far more positive from my actual hands on experience with various equipment I have tested.


It’s all up to you, the investigator. If it’s fun then go for it, if it’s proof or research then it is a long road to learning how to conduct yourself and find the best way to do it. After many years we all have a long way to go and discovering there are no easy answers to this phenomenon, we can only record what we find at the time, hopefully proceeding without the bullshit and lack of experience from which many groups seem to show.


Your true input to your experiences help us to move forward, sharing with other teams to add to the research, will we ever get the answers? Watch this space maybe!


Cheers. Alan.

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