Are we chasing rainbows?


What is the real reason for denial of the paranormal ?

Seeing is believing is the most common answer. Fear is the second.

Yet many genuine individuals still come forward with their own experiences.


I myself think that it is mainly because it is so irregular.

You can never plan any investigation on being 100% for

any activity happening at any event.


Why ?

It is said,  it is the choice of spirit to whom

they wish anyone to know of their existence at that time.


It is also believed that the more you are out to prove this unusual

existence of spirit activity, the harder they make it for you.


There are many recordings that have been collected, much is so bad it encourages doubt. Poor visual and poor EVP which is always recorded badly.

 On the other hand I have been in situations where there have been loft hatches fly open and doors slam of there own accord, also touched and these are always out of camera shot. On some occasions they obviously are caught on sound but no visual, this means it is only hearsay or individual experiences.


There is so much hype about how to prove the existence of spirit, most groups have lost their way. If they were to concentrate on sound and vision evidence, not orbs, then they are on the right path. It is then they can move forward to the factual recorded evidence instead of relying on verbal possibilities.


This brings me to the old saying of “ I would love to see a spirit “. Not a Ghost, as known this is completely different as you cant communicate with a ghost as it is a recording of an event. So what would you really do if you did see a full apparition ? lets be honest here, the majority of you would freeze or run.


This is where the truth comes in. Most groups are out there for a laugh, or to make money and to seek the unknown without worrying about how they do it.

Many tour groups are a failure because most events they arrange are  too costly and not really active at the time of the investigation, this often leads to mistakes of identification and every bump,knock and light source is logged as spirit intervention. I wonder why?

Is it because spirit know you are there, would you think for one minute that they want to play your games, I wouldn’t think so. So don’t expect too much from these groups as they are there for entertainment purposes only. And I must say for the entertainment side some are very good and can be quite a laugh but the cost is way out of line.


All I am saying really is understand the difference between a group that is dedicated to working towards helping the research and not getting carried away with the toys and bull that has been introduced, you will find it far more productive.


Our experiences have taken us to the new level of working in the paranormal field. Research into sound and vision is the only way to show any kind of evidence exists. The day of the Medium has had so many flaws and has become doubtful to rely on what is known today as hearsay. Not saying all and  there are some mediums who can produce certain gifts, but very few these days.


Does it really exist? I have always believed evidence of spirit is an individual experience, mainly personal for the receiver, will that change? We will have to wait and see. Well something is there but what it really is is what we have to show, and if and when a true visual sighting does appear and tells us, we will then and only then know the real truth.

Are we chasing rainbows…………………….Maybe, maybe not!



Thank you. Alan

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