What the hell is going on these days???


What the hell is going on these days??? Play with it or find the real answers!!!!!!!!!!!

What has happened to the understanding and learning of what spirit activity is really about and what is really is?


These last three years have been a nightmare for the true dedicated researchers of paranormal activity.

Thanks to all these so-called TV groups it has become such a farce, unless you pay money you will not be able to research anywhere. The joke is that 99% of the claims made by these so-called haunted places are conning you all. This is why many of them will not allow the true researchers anywhere near their dwelling, that is unless they pay the ransom!

Everyone has now become mediums or sensitive’s, and what they say is believed regardless. So the same old tales continue and is it all meant to go unchanged? So why is there no new details coming forward, because low-level groups are being used to spread the truth-less gossip, how else can a great deal of these venues afford to continue without stories, this is why they expect the B/S and thrive on the results and cash flow. Why so many groups are into fake news and recordings I just don’t get it.

To research this phenomenon has become so difficult because of the actions of many of these groups, having to explain that research is not about chasing ghosts or using pretty flashing lights, nor is it people screaming at every bump or knock that they hear. There is no calling or trying to get spirit to do tricks for you. The fact is it is solely monitoring the investigation and collecting evidence by film and audio. Sounds very plain doesn’t it? Well yes it can be but that is what it is really all about, you are there to try to confirm what is causing the said event, not make assumptions. You will get the silly fun and scare tactics if you use some tour groups,  a professional research team will not go near this kind of practice.

 This is the problem faced when research teams request investigations from clients and are automatically branded as ghost hunters or tour groups, they are seen as fun groups when factually they are professional teams within their field of research and only gaining on data collected for their records, not their pocket.

 Another problem for the client is how do they know what team to select? This you will see when you meet with a team, it will be a small group and without all the toys that many of the ghost hunters use. You ask them to explain the way they work. They will not use mediums for the first stages of research. Watch for how they conduct their-selves and look for the respect towards (You) the client.

References can be a good sign.

Remember there is a big difference in research and working to move spirit on.

Research is to identify the event you may be experiencing.

Medium-ship is used to help towards calming and solving spirit activity and is sometimes known as clearance.


It is important to make sure that the team you choose also respects your privacy, make sure it is agreed if you want a private investigation.


Spiritwatch.UK is a non-profit team. We do not charge for our service. We also do not expect to be charged for our free service. We monitor, record and report.


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