Update 2

Still improving with my health, slow process but continuing to get better. Then a further delay for all of us appears, this deadly virus so most of us are staying in as advised. I have been advised for a 12-week lockdown because of my recent operation which was started 4 weeks ago. I can understand the frustration for all of us but our peers know better so all we can do is support them to protect us all. We all know there are certain individuals that think they know best and it is up to us to advise them they are putting others at risk and not just their themself. I really think they just don’t understand how bad this situation is.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those on the front line, you all are doing a wonderful job and at great risk to yourself. Take a bow because you are the true heroes of our country and we are all behind your service. I will be showing my support every Thursday night, as many of us will and our hearts go out to you truly. From the team we Thank you.

The work that we undertake is frowned upon greatly. Some are in belief and others laugh it off. Our research has shown us that although there is no full explanation of these unusual events they continue to be reported by many. We progress towards identifying the cause and helping the client to understand their situation. It is not classed as a ghost hunt and it is not conducted in such a manner as to be seen as one. Our work consists of monitoring an event with the aid of recording with audio-only. We do not run around with gadgets as we are not a fun group. If you wish to use our experienced service just contact us and we can arrange a meeting, we will protect your privacy if requested. No-body has the real answers to many events that have occurred around the world, all we can do is attempt to capture some of them. Consider us helping you so as you can help us. As soon as we are all safe from this academic we will continue with our work………..Stay safe.

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