Truth or imagination?

In today’s society, it has become somewhat an entertainment to investigate paranormal phenomenon. Finding answers has been replaced with what is known as the game value. It has become a money maker and pure entertainment for many who claim they are investigators. This is all very well for the public who wish to find a thrill out of spending their hard earned cash, hoping to find the odd ghost that may perform for them. I am talking about the tour groups that are there for your entertainment, and yes it is entertainment. There is nothing wrong with that, if you remember it is what it is “entertainment”.

When a group declares it is for research purposes then we enter a completely different ball game. The first thing to notice is they are not involved with tours and do not work in large groups or teams. Many are still fooled by the electronic devices which are on sale to supposedly help you to find the elusive ghost. All they do is put money in the makers pocket and mislead you from the facts. So many of these groups fall by the wayside because they copy the antics of televised groups they have watched, they actually believe it is how to work, how wrong can they be.

For the professional team you will find that the only tools of the trade will be the use of film with audio. It is usually a small team that will monitor the investigation for a set time, without the added extras that many groups try to show in their footage I might say. There are no suggestions of what the results might be only the evidence of what is recorded at that time.

Researchers at the early stages of an investigation do not require the appearance of a medium as this,if needed, would be considered at a later stage. The whole of the footage collected would be based on the result of the recordings and shown to the client for further analysis.

It has become far more difficult to convince clients, mainly in the private sector, because of the dishonest groups that declare they are researchers when in fact they are fun teams out for their own glory and profit. It makes it very difficult for the genuine public who are looking for help and are duped into thinking they have found a professional group to help them when in fact it is otherwise, being a group who do not have a clue on how to help people come to terms with their experiences.

How do you know who to choose ?

A team that has thirty years experience, professional and understanding, a team that wants you to get the results you need, a team that respects their clients and a team that does not profit from their work.

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