Request an Investigation.


Two investigators that will record the event.

Genuine professional research.

With the determination to give you the answers.

Your answer to many questions. has been working with paranormal research for many years and have found many answers to this amazing phenomenon. We record with cctv and audio to attempt to gain knowledge and factual evidence for each client. We are not a fun group and do not class ourself as a tour group, we are very serious towards finding evidence within paranormal events, for the client and towards our research.
Our work will be advertised but for those clients that wish to remain unknown the address and names will not be shown. We do not “cure” a diagnosed venue, written data is collected, logged and passed to the client for their records.
Our work is free of charge, which means we would accept the same in return from the client, we feel that by supplying a full report of our findings, even if it takes several ongoing investigations is ample coverage for our work. We only report our factual findings and not what is “thought” to be in any dwelling, meaning by recording and audio only. We would be only too pleased to offer our services to any client in need of answers, we are professional, respectful and experienced in our field of work. We hope the interest and trust will bring many of you forward for us to continue our research, thank you.


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