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Now is the time.

So many empty places, so many opportunities and still bearing in mind the social distancing. Now is the time to consider finding out about those strange events you have been experiencing? Still wondering what it is all about, well trust us to find some answers for you, consider our company and help for one night to record and show you what possible answers are there for you. Privacy is our forefront and always will be for those who request it. It is pure research on our part and hopefully some answers for you. Our professionalism will be explained to you at an arranged and private meeting of your choice, even if you just need to talk about it we are here to listen. We must explain to you that we are not a ghost hunting group and do not work as such, our actions are totally respectful for each and every client. Trust is essential between us and the client and we hope you can take the first step in trusting us at to identify your events.

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