My Journey

When I started this journey I expected to meet people who were only too willing to share their experiences and events with paranormal activity. How wrong could I be, I never realised that this was such a personal subject to many people. To them it is seen as a very private experience and the event, so I am led to believe, is for their eyes and ears only.

I can understand in many ways how they feel but I am also a little confused. I know they are not concerned as to what others think, they have experienced a private message or have had contact for the answers they seek, how wonderful is that! My confused side is that I need to share others results for the purpose of helping the unfortunate people who have not had these events and helping others to relate to the experiences they do not understand.

Privacy is for the protection of the person that has had this amazing experience, this is why I implore you to consider trusting me with your most private experiences. “Sounds very bold”, if I say so myself, but give me a minute to explain. I am at a loss, my efforts to help people are restrained and if I am to aid others I am in need of your support. I can promise each person that supports me that under no circumstances will I abuse their rights of privacy, each person who trusts me will remain anonymous in name and place, no identity of any person will be revealed.

To meet me and understand me is the first step to trust. I am also a person looking for the answers and will not risk losing respect from those of you that are willing to share your most treasured experiences with me. I will only write about the main event, names and places will be changed to protect the privacy of the teller.

I am a sixty six year old researcher who has been working within the field of spirit activity for thirty years. Over these years I have earned a great deal of respect from clients and friends for the professional way I conduct myself and continue to keep this close to my heart. I work to help people to come to terms with their experiences but also persuade others to share for the reason of aiding my work by means of showing your experience on this website.

Please have a little trust in someone who is willing to help others by them seeing they are not on their own. What can be read can relate to similar events in ones life. You can help others by supporting and trusting me to show your experiences without losing your privacy.

Thank you for your consideration.

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