Genuine request.

Over the last few weeks I have met many people who have confided in me, telling me of the unusual experiences they have endured over the years. Many of them have seen spirit in one form or another and know it was not a dream or hallucination. Many of these are family related and beyond doubt that they were confident in what they had seen. I would love it if more of you would come forward to share your experiences so we can compare these factual events, many of us are sometimes a little reluctant to say what we have experienced but when so many of us have had similar events it is good to share them to help others to see they are not on their own. Please take the time to sit down and send me your event, if you wish to remain unknown then just put your initials. I do not judge anyone and this helps in my research but it will also help others to come to terms with spirit contact.

There is so much to learn and understand and unless we help others by sharing our events it is harder to move forward to relate to each other for the understanding of what we have witnessed. If you, or someone you know has had an experience with spirit activity then please write to me so we can share your post with the people who really want to see it. Email me on…  , if you do not wish to be known then tell me and I will make sure it is marked private and without trace.

Thank you and bless you for your consideration.


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