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Tips on is your house haunted!!!


What a laugh!!!!! So many giving advice before they have researched the situation.

Only the person on the receiving end can answer this, as they are the people who have seen or heard the event.


So many experts lol, the first thing they would do is run.

Don’t be fooled by these crazy suggestions from people who think they know the answers. Most have never had the experience ever and because they have read about it they think they know it all.

It’s all playtime and catch a few thrills for the majority of them and at your expense. They have been watching too much TV.

Any decent group would not expect you to recognise or sort things out for yourself. Most clients just want conformation and least of all a crowd of ghost hunters playing with their toys.

Hard line? Too right, their are too many fun groups who think they can help when all they do is hinder and make things worse for the client. If they hunt and scream about then you have contacted the wrong team.

That’s the hardest part, who do you know who to choose?

We have a professional team of three, we do not have mediums as we are there to observe and record only. The questions will only be answered from the result of our filming, no guessing or sensitive suggestions just factual sound and film recording. We do not always rely on the one session, we will work with the client to attempt to give you a satisfactory and honest result, and after 30 years of working in this field this is exactly what you will get.

We offer a private,discrete and free service, and for the time we are conducting research it will remain free.

I can only assure each and every client who wishes to contact us that you will receive the highest amount of trust and respect to your request and terms.


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Thank you.


For all teams and groups, remember, how you advertise your website can have a disastrous result for many. Either it,s fun, professional investigation or professional research.


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