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You see, you hear, you feel and you do really know. So what’s stopping you from finding out the truth I wonder? Is it the myth of upsetting whatever it is? Is it the myth of leaving it alone and it will go away? Can it be the thought of being branded by others as insane maybe?

You have no real answers and yet you are worried about the outcome.

No matter how personal the event is to you it would be in your interest to confirm to your self as to what is causing the events you experience. It is in no way a judgement towards any individual, it is purely and with discretion, collecting information, without interference, to explain why these events are occurring.

Paranormal activity has always been frowned upon, but it seems to be frowned upon by the majority who have never experienced it. We all have our own opinions about this subject but unless you research this phenomenon and identify the cause then it remains a mystery. Unless the public becomes more open with their experiences and trust teams like ourself then our research is made very difficult to gain the answers that are needed.

In many cases, it has been found that paranormal activity has not been the cause and it has been natural elements that have been found to be the reason. This does not mean it was a waste of time because it is still peace of mind for the client.

Our research has become very difficult in the last three years, this is because of the fun groups making a mockery of this phenomenon and lacking the respect needed for many clients. This I can understand because trust and respect for the client are at the forefront of our agenda.

Whether it be private or commercial clients, we always ask for you to contact us so we can arrange a meeting to discuss your requests and also get to know us, this will show you how genuine and professional our team of three really is. The majority of our clients are under the heading of “private”, this means under no circumstances will your identity or abode be made public.

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