Be safe

Well guy’s we all know about this dreaded virus and what it does for a lot of lovely people, messing with their lives and their way of life. I hope and pray it passes with the least of a threat to all of us. With all those who are in a real dilemma please talk to someone who can help you, don’t expect the many to come to you. Let them know you are in need of help because there are so many that do and you need to tell them and not be forgotten. Alone and no phone or computer, no family, then put a sign in your window asking for help bless you, don’t sit and suffer there is always someone to be there for help but you must let them know.

We are nearing the worst stage of this virus so we must gather the strength to comply with the rules of distance, hard as it may seem it is doing so much to starve this virus so we say well done to all for sticking together and isolating. Be safe and we can all celebrate getting through this together when it passes. My heart goes out to all that have lost family and friends, such a terrible loss for all. We can only hope it passes quickly and with minimum results.

It will be a hard future for many of us, picking up the pieces of a war type disruption but remember for those of us that pull through we can make a better world and bring people to understand the love and respect it needs.

Bless all the workers who are on the front line helping others at this time of need, you are all hero’s, thank you. Be safe and follow the rules so we can protect ourselves and others. Bless you all. (Alan)

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