Another year has passed.


Another year has passed and we are no nearer to showing evidence that could persuade the doubters to consider the possibility of spirit activity or the existence of ghosts.


Many groups have realised it is easier to take the financial gain root rather than the research side, who could blame them as it has become so difficult with the latter. Research is far from the interest of many, the simple reason being the cost and the ignorance of others. There is no interest on finding solutions any more, just the result of money to be made. Also not forgetting the thrill of an audience being attracted to the event, they can hear the pounds jingle in their pockets.

We can all admit that most of us are intrigued by the thought of a fright night and rightfully so, many will pay for such entertainment.

Many are duped into believing the entertainment is factual and follow like sheep, believing what they are told and what is produced around them, but that is what entertainment is all about, to fulfil the audience and give them something for their payment.


So there we go, research has been put on the back burner, it is recognised by the vendors as another group who should pay a said fee to enter the venue. There is no thought of finding answers to the events of what they declare, only the thought of how much they can make.

I have always said, “ only the genuine will allow free access to their venue”. To capture evidence is the only answer. This is only done over a period of time and is not a one night event, it is not chasing ghosts around a building, ( as many have seen on TV.), It is professionally done with hours of filming and time consuming recording. You could say it can be very tedious at times but it can give the results needed to many questions.

Many of our investigations undertaken have produced unexplained footage, it has either confirmed activity or opened up evidence of new activity.

I suppose what we are trying to say is for the vendor to consider the researcher to be able to continue their work without being branded as a ghost hunting tour group.

Lets face it, for two trusted professional adults who give their time freely to set up their equipment and monitor and record the event must be tempting to some. We are a genuine non-profit team and can be very discrete if requested.

We obviously need your support to continue our work, your consideration to allow us to work with you would be received with much appreciation.

Thank you.

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