An appeal to all.

An appeal to all, well it has come to this plea now. After many years of paranormal research and investigations, I find myself at a stalemate. Just five years ago our work was non-stop, we had many clients contacting us to investigate their experiences but although we still have several private clients the main flow of people experiencing unusual phenomenon has almost stopped. Either all signs of paranormal behaviour has ceased or something has changed the minds of the individual. I believe it is more the latter, so much hype has been added to many investigation teams that it has become almost impossible for people to trust these teams.

As I have mentioned, myself and my associates have been researching paranormal activity for many years and much of our recording equipment has cost a pretty penny of which we have financed from our own pocket. We are a non-profit team. We are for research and not for making money out of others, it is all to do with trying to find the unknown answers without upsetting any situation or event.

It is very hard to explain to many that research is not on the same par as being in entertainment as a ghost hunter, in fact, it can be very slow and uneventful. A researcher will only record and monitor the event, they do not encourage entice or try to excite any event. They will only review their findings on what is recorded at the time, without the hype that many teams seem to use. No fancy gadgets, no flashing lights and definitely no so-called voice boxes (as they are known).

Professional, yes we are. Definitely not your run of the mill team that is around today. Trust, privacy and respect is all part of our team at SpiritWatchUK. Solely for the client.

We are at the mercy of the public, meaning that unless you are prepared to trust our service and come forward and allow us to be part of your experience our research and skill is at a standstill. Much of our work in the past has helped many and it continues to do so, not only for the client but also for our research. We also understand that the work we undertake can, and is very personal to all our clients, of which we respect. For those who wish to be unknown clients we honour this request and never reveal your personal details. With this contract in mind, I hope more of you will come forward and accept our trust, I promise you, you will not regret our services.

If you wish to know more about our very small team please contact us to arrange further communication.

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